Lil Durk Reportedly Cancels Multiple “Sorry For The Drought” Tour Dates
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Lil Durk fans might have some bad news on their hands, as the rapper reportedly canceled multiple dates for his upcoming “Sorry For The Drought” tour. Moreover, if you go to Ticketmaster as of writing this article, you will see that many of the scheduled shows apparently got axed. However, it’s unclear whether this move is purely temporary, if there will be rescheduled dates, or if this is a complete cut. Either way, it’s an incredibly unfortunate development during what must be a trying time for the Chicago native. Recently, he revealed that he went to the hospital, but in recovery, for dehydration and exhaustion.

Furthermore, Smurk shared a statement concerning his week-long stay under medical care, stressing his dedication to fans. ““My fans mean everything to me,” Lil Durk expressed. “You’re the reason why I do this. I was looking forward to touching all of my European fans, performing this week(end), attending the ESPYs, and more. But after performing and traveling daily I’ve become severely dehydrated and advised by my doctors not to travel due to exhaustion. Once I get my full energy back, it’s back to business which I’m looking forward to. #StillHealing.”

Lil Durk Cuts Tour Dates: Report

Lil Durk – "Sorry For The Drought" Tour has been cancelled in multiple cities.

Toronto is the only city that is "postponed".

We'll share more details as they become available.

— Concerts Fanatic (@ConcertsFanTO) July 18, 2023

Per TMZ, Lil Durk has been hospitalized for a week for dehydration and exhaustion.

"My fans mean everything to me, you’re the reason why I do this, I’ve become severely dehydrated and advised by my doctors not to travel due to exhaustion.

Once I get my full energy back, it’s…

— Concerts Fanatic (@ConcertsFanTO) July 18, 2023

Hopefully The Voice gets back on his feet soon and has the time to recover and heal properly, which is the most important thing at the end of the day. It’s hard enough for huge artists to tour, and downright impossible when it’s affecting their health. Fans’ disappointment and concern for this news is understandable, as concerts can be a big investment. Still, hopefully they focus on prioritizing Lil Durk’s well-being and not their inability to go to a show.

Meanwhile, Durk recently reflected on how he thought that cutting his hair would end his career. While it may sound ridiculous, image can actually be very important to an artist’s opportunities and appeal. Regardless, his career blossomed into one of the brightest in street rap today, and one that hopefully keeps thriving. For more news and the latest updates on Lil Durk, come back to HNHH.